Headteacher - Mrs A Towler

E-Mail - headteacher@townville.wakefield.sch.uk

Townville Infant School, Poplar Avenue, Townville, Castleford, WF10 3QJ

Telephone - 01977 554185

Welcome to Townville Infants School

 We aim to nurture the development of our children and care for their needs in an atmosphere that makes them feel safe, secure, comfortable and happy.

 We aim to create a stimulating environment in which the children can make progress. We recognise the need to be flexible in our organisation and will always endeavour to provide the best learning environment for our children.

 We are committed to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum which incorporates the teaching of Literacy and Mathematics both as discrete subjects and as part of topic work.

 We are aware of children’s differing educational needs and aim to provide experiences and activities that will enable children to reach their full potential.

 We are committed to the process of assessing children, ensuring that it aids the planning of the curriculum and the attainment of our pupils. We recognise our duty to report the results of statutory assessments to parents.

 We have high expectations of our pupils in their academic and creative achievements, and in their social, moral and emotional progress.

 We aim to encourage our children by praising their achievements.

 We recognise the importance of the partnership between school and parents. We believe that parents can be invaluable in supporting their children’s progress.

School Aims